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The Day Before: A Rollercoaster Ride of Delays and Controversy

As gamers eagerly await the release of "The Day Before," an open-world survival MMO boasting a combination of zombie-killing action and aggressive player vs. player combat, they can't help but be concerned with the game's rocky development history. From rumors of borrowed footage to repeated delays and legal issues, it hasn't been smooth sailing for this highly-anticipated title. Let's look into the ups and downs that have plagued "The Day Before" as we approach its latest planned launch date.

The Day Before

A Bumpy Start: Legitimacy Questions and Borrowed Footage?

When initial trailers for "The Day Before" hit the internet, fans couldn't help but feel skeptical about the game's legitimacy. Some were quick to point out that certain scenes in the trailer appeared strikingly similar to those from other established games like Call of Duty. This controversy made many question if the game was real or just an elaborate hoax. Nevertheless, developers Fntastic have since assured players that the game is indeed genuine and slated for Steam Early Access on December 7th.

Frustration for Console Gamers: Delayed Release for Xbox and PlayStation

  • While PC gamers can look forward to The Day Before on Steam next month, console players are left feeling disappointed and frustrated.

  • Xbox and PlayStation releases have been delayed indefinitely, leaving their fans waiting longer than anticipated.

  • Many console players voiced their dissatisfaction with this decision. However, no official statement has been released regarding the delay.

Rising Popularity Despite Criticism

Despite the controversies surrounding "The Day Before," the game gained remarkable traction, even rising to the top of Steam's most wishlisted list. Fans compared its gameplay to that of popular titles like The Division, The Last of Us, and Call of Duty – though some made accusations that Fntastic had copied these games for inspiration.

The Curse of Delays: Will "The Day Before" Launch Successfully?

One of the main concerns fans of "The Day Before" have faced has been the constant delays of the game's release date. Initially planned for a November 10th launch, the title faced more pushbacks due to various reasons such as legal issues and trademark disputes. However, with the revised release date now set for December 7th on Steam Early Access, players are hopeful that they will finally experience the much-hyped post-pandemic world Fntastic has promised.

Beyond Release: Potential Post-Launch Support and Community Building

  • With the official game launch inching closer (fingers crossed), focus starts to shift towards how the game will be supported post-release.

  • Players expect continuous updates, bug fixes, and new content to keep the game engaging in the long run.

  • Fostering a robust community and keeping an open line of communication between the developers and the players will undoubtedly contribute to the game's success.

Conclusion: Eager Expectation Despite Obstacles

"The Day Before" may have experienced a troubled journey fraught with controversies, skepticism, and setbacks, but gamers remain undeniably excited for its eventual release. Players hope that Fntastic can deliver a thrilling MMO experience that stands out among existing survival, open-world titles. As we wait for the upcoming Steam Early Access launch, it remains to be seen if "The Day Before" can truly live up to the hype and expectations of its enthusiastic fan base, or if it will buckle under the weight of its tumultuous development process.

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